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Chapter 12 - Adulting

Updated: Jun 13, 2020


Adulting is difficult. Literally nobody on this planet tells you how difficult adulting is.

You always hear pregnant women say "no one tells pregnant women how painful the journey is, they always say it's a beautiful feeling" and then pregnant women go ahead and make 10 minute YouTube videos about how painful it is to educate others. This is my version of the 10 minute video.

Why don't people do the same for adulting? Are we just meant to know that after graduating we're meant to pay bills, rent, renew car registration, get insurance? Who is responsible for teaching us these things (don't say parents) and why have they not taught it to us? *hint hint hello schools????*

Can this please be a PSA on how difficult being an adult is and that there is absolutely no transition or warning whatsoever. Thanks.

Everyday you're just expected to be a mature adult? Expected to be part of a norm where everyone does as they are told and follow rules and obey orders? We would just get detention if we broke a rule at school, but break a rule at work, you're fired or if it's TOOO serious, you're deported..

It's tough -

You're going to go by your day and talk to your friends and at some point you're gna say 'is it ever going to get easier?' and someones going to say 'yes of course! good things are coming!!" and you're gna be happy and go to sleep till the next day when you have literally the same conversation all over again.

Are we just drama queens and kings? Is that it? Are we just too spoilt that the most minor inconvenience in life is basically OMG WHAT IS LIFE. Or is it just that there is no guidance or support provided to us in terms of career progression, further education, and life skills? And then when we make a mistake, we think it's life or death circumstances because 'how dare we not know how to do something that we were never taught but still should have known how to do. How privileged and millennial of us'.

You're most likely going to be in a workplace which will want to pay you peanuts for working 6 days a week, 9-6 on contract but 24 hours a day in reality. They won't care for career progression or your further education. They just want you to get the job done as quickly as possible (again with little to no guidance). ^ if that's not your situation. Well done, I am happy for you, please don't leave your job also email me at if you want to hire me.

It's all such a mess-

It might get better, I'm not sure when. I do believe that when you go through shit, you get to good times eventually. But maybe that's after you're married? Who knows. I haven't cracked that code yet. But there are so many situations that you're gna think that it's alright and it's a one time thing and you'll get past it and we're okay.

No we're not.

Bills along with everything that goes with adulting, comes back. Every month. Like your period. It'll start feeling like you have to pay to breathe at a certain point.

What am I even ranting about? Bills or adulting or both? ______________________________________________________________________________

There are times when you're searching for a job after graduating and you apply with so much hope and faith because you just graduated which was meant to be the biggest hurdle of your life. Sorry: you're not going to get accepted into many places because you don't have relevant work experience. What you can do: start applying for internships while you're still studying and get working during summer because then at least you have some experience and maybe that'll count for something?

There are times when you're car insurance and registration is going to expire but your dad will remind you and lecture you because you didn't know when it's expiring Sorry: apparently you need to know these things, if you're driving it, it's your responsibility What you can do: put it in your calendar and don't spent too much the month you gotta renew the registration and insurance cz you're gna have to pay for your fines too and that'll be painful.

There are times when you're going to be severely overwhelmed by everything happening in your life. Sorry: it won't get easier, it's only going to get more and more difficult. What you can do: find friends you can talk to and cry with. Group hug and cry x

There are times when you won't be able to decide whether you should meet your friends, go to the gym or watch Netflix at home and that on its own will overwhelm you. Sorry: first world problem but this was never an issue before so it's a problem. What you can do: meet your friends at the gym and watch Netflix on the crosstrainer.

There are times when you're going to think your world is turning upside down and start losing faith in yourself. Sorry: again, I hope it gets easier for everyone but it'll only get more difficult What you can do: find out what you can and cannot control and try to figure out the situation?

There are times when people cannot afford to pay their bills or have all meals in a day. Sorry: it shouldn't be that way for anyone.. What you can do: maybe make a budget for yourself and a personal forecast on how much you spend and how much you can save?

There are times when you're searching for a job several years after graduating and you apply again with so much hope because you graduated and have work experience. Sorry: you're not going to get accepted because there's someone out there who will do the job at a much less salary than you. What you can do: cry and keep applying.

There are times when you want to leave work and sit in your car just to cry, because it's all too much to handle. Sorry: it really sucks What you can do: make sure you lock your car


There are times when you think writing a blog because it's your way of being at therapy is a good idea, and that you should preach/rant on adulting because you have it the worst but reality check, everyone has it really bad in their own way. Sorry: that you have to read my shit but I hope you're relating and laughing or crying with me What you can do: message a friend and tell them you love and appreciate them because everyone needs to hear that.


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