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Chapter 15 - Overwhelm

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

So, Experiment #11494, do you ever feel overwhelmed with emotions? Do you ever end up slapped and hugged with so many emotions, both positive and negative? Do you decide to keep moving forward, and end up not processing any of those emotions, causing your health to somewhat deteriorate?

Experiment #11494: Yes.

Experiment #11494 was a confused soul, trapped in captivity of a hypothesis for 25 years, who was not sure as to what she should write about, because she was feeling all these different emotions and could not focus on the 1 thing that would get her creative juices and humor flowing. She decided to write about the emotion 'Overwhelm' because that is exactly what she was feeling. She was so anxious, emotionally drained and exhausted by all the various emotions she was feeling, it was overwhelming and she just wanted to move forward. That is what she has been feeling for a while, that in itself has been an underlying issue in the back of her mind, that has now seeped its way into affecting her health. 

Why am I referring to myself as an Experiment?

Aren't we all? Just an Experiment, living through a hypothesis which is life, going through struggles, feeling all sorts of emotions, not knowing what to do, but doing things anyway? Stuck in a routine only to repeat it all over again? Go through all the emotions all over again? Become overwhelmed, anxious, emotionally exhausted all over again?  

There are times when I feel like banging the door, in hopes that my scientist or psychologist will realize that I do not want to be an Experiment anymore, I just want to live life and not feel many emotions. I feel like there are so many dependent and independent variables in my hypothesis, where they just overlap.. and the hypothesis is just, null? Am I a scientist now? I'm just feeling dull and emotionally exhausted from constantly feeling overwhelmed.

*yikes*  - *deep breaths*


I guess being overwhelmed is a normal emotion, but when we are in a situation where we are not able to process things, that is where it goes terribly wrong. That is when you realize that it is not a good sign for your mental, emotional or physical health. There may be several moments where we may think that we are not overwhelmed because we are strong independent adults that can get through anything in life. We pretend to be strong adults who believe we can face anything that life throws at us. Which is somewhat true, you always will get through anything, but you might be hurting yourself if you don’t process things the right way. Believe me when I say that, because we’re out here learning this the hard way. Being overwhelmed, anxious or constantly emotionally exhausted is not an easy emotion to go through.

What does that mean? Being overwhelmed? According to little old me - being overwhelmed means being empowered by so many emotions, not knowing what to do with yourself or your surroundings, feeling like the air around you is lessening, and feeling emotionally exhausted all the time. I think you feel emotionally exhausted because you have all these different emotions to deal with and cannot focus on one so you end up just feeling too much of everything. And nothing in excess is good for you, not even dessert because you'll end up with Diabetes. Personally, dealing with this emotion means taking deep breaths in, telling myself it's just a phase and it will pass over and over again. Fake it till we make it, right? (Also, not healthy - but we gotta do what we gotta do).

Also P.S: please do not follow my methods because everyone copes with emotions differently. Not like I'm some guru where you will follow me, but just in case you're one of my weird friends, please don't listen to me. Love you x 

Other than my personal detailed definitions of being overwhelmed. According to Google (most reliable source, AUS please don't discredit this blog) - being overwhelmed has the following definitions:

  • to have too much to deal with

  • to cause someone to feel sudden strong emotions

  • to defeat someone or something by using a lot of force

So what are these emotions that are we feeling? I did a quick Google search (brb, AUS is coming after me to take away my degree) and found a few basic emotions that Psychologists have identified that people experience. These are emotions that have a direct impact on an individuals mood and/or actions. A cool dude by the name of Paul Eckman, identified six basic emotions that he suggested were experiences in all human cultures which are:

  1. Happiness

  2. Sadness

  3. Disgust

  4. Fear

  5. Surprise

  6. Anger

Lo behold, Experiment #11494 is experiencing all 6 at once. Hence, feeling overwhelmed.

Will she be alright soon?

Will she process her emotions and move forward?

Will she be released from this captivity and live another hypothesis?

What does one have to go through in life to experience all 6 emotions at once?

A very good question to ask, but that's one secret I'll never tell,

You know you love me, xoxo,

Sara Haseeb

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