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Chapter 2 - Mama Haseeb

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

My sun and my stars, my biggest cheerleader, the love of my life, my whole entire solar and support system.

You will hear a lot about Mama Haseeb in the coming chapters but me tell you a little bit about Mama Haseeb before she became Mama Haseeb. 

Name: Shahnaz Asad

Date of Birth: 05 September - don't know the year. 

But she's probably in her late 50's? If you're a desi child, you can relate. 

Occupation: Mama Haseeb

Shahnaz was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a daughter of an extremely strong woman. Her father had passed away when she was very young, so my grandmother had to take care of 5 children. 4 girls and 1 boy.

Shahnaz was the second youngest of the siblings. She was a good kid, always helped her mother with tasks at home and in the kitchen, always understood the importance of earning because her mother had to do lots of little chores to ensure that the kids had good education and would have a good life. 

She worked hard in school, as much as she could. She would not be the smartest kid in class but she would always be among the good ones. She never got in trouble, she always did as she was told. Fast forward a few years, she got a job at Allied Bank Limited. This was her biggest joy and the one thing she will proudly tell others. She was not at a great big post because back in the day, women were not given managerial positions. She was somewhat a typist, she used to type letters on a typewriter since there were no computers back in the day. 

She got quite a few increments at Allied Bank and she always says 'I never thought I could get this. There were so many Christian women who speak in English all day everyday. Yet I got the increments because I wrote so many letters??'. As you can tell, she is also a very humble munchkin.

Another thing to know about her is that she is very religious. She is thankful to God for everything that she has and she is always guiding people and preaching because she is a sweetheart on this earth. Her dream is to make sure that her daughter is a good religious child and to be able to spread kindness and spread word about Islam. 

She was approached by Baba Haseeb one day on her way back from work, but she told him to not follow her and said if you want me, you better come to my house and speak to my mother because I'm not like other girls. Can we take a moment and say she was strong and confident too? Thanks. 

So in summary, she's confident, strong, religious, humble, and hardworking.

I love you Mama Haseeb. 

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