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Chapter 21 - Alternate Universe

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Close your eyes...

It's December 31st 2019, we're all psyched to say goodbye to the decade. We've had a rough year, and we're just cancelling the whole decade because what was that? We're looking forward to making new memories, achieving new goals. We're optimistic AF.

It's 2020. We're at peace. Keep your eyes closed...

We're in a decade filled with promises and happiness. People are kind to one another, not because they're making connections for 'wasta' but because they truly want someone else to be happy. No one needs to be reminded to spread kindness. It's innate. We choose to throw kindness around like confetti. We're happy people that love watching others succeed, and even encourage others to aim higher.

We wake up and open our curtains. The sun is shining across our room. We dare to open our windows, only to hear the sound of the city waking up. The birds are chirping and the cars are swiftly moving along. We feel the breeze enter our room and take a deep breath - we're ready to welcome 2020.

Beautiful isn't it, don't open your eyes yet...

We have fun getting ready because we're too excited to get to work. We might even meet up with our friends later for dinner, and most importantly, we need cute photos for the 'gram. We wear colors we've never worn before but we like that challenge. It's a new year, let's live our best life in odd colors but still look cute cz no ones judging!

We leave for work on time and get no traffic. We don't text and drive, we don't get any speeding tickets. We're listening to the radio, wondering how the year will be. But they're all positive thoughts. No anxiety, no depression, no overwhelming negativity. It's all good baby.

We smash it at work! We're amazing. Our colleagues support us, our bosses are proud of us. We go above and beyond in what we do, and it's acknowledged. We surprise ourselves with how ambitious we can be sometimes, but hey - if we're being appreciated, then let's unravel more surprises!

We meet up with our friends in the evening. Big long hugs, you're practically swaying in the middle of the restaurant. What a lovely day. We're sitting outdoors, taking in the fresh air, feeling reassured that 2020 is going to bring us positivity and amazing vibes. We laugh, we dine, we make new memories. We take pictures, we're silly. We're ready for 2020 #2020HereWeCome.

What a life eh? Keep the eyes closed for a little longer...

We get home safely, and on time. We decide to spend some time with the family. We're watching whatever the parents are watching and initiate in fun family banter. We appreciate them for everything they've done. We want to do better than we're already doing. We want to make them proud.

We get to our rooms, we're feeling accomplished. We've had a fantastic day. We're ready for a warm shower and to slip into our pjs. We scroll through social media, a meme is only seen once and never repeated, there is fresh content everyday, no competition between peoples posts. We switch to our alarm and happily set it at 7am for the following day. We text our loved ones that we're glad they're in our lives, we go to bed with a pure heart that knows kindness and happiness.

It's 2020 - we're there for each other, we're kind to one another, we're supportive of one another, we're providing criticism for questionable actions but we try not to judge. We've achieved mental peace, we're exchanging smiles and positive thoughts on a daily basis. We take a deep breath, we're happy.

Now open your eyes..

It's 1am and I'm sitting on the floor in my living room, in the dark.

My eyes are burning, my heart is aching, my anxiety is through the roof.

I'm unable to fall asleep because I cannot wrap my mind around everything that's been happening. I don't know if we'll ever be able to live a normal life again. I don't even think I want everyone to go back to normal again? I want a life with peace, positivity and kindness. Everyone is showing this side of them while they're in quarantine. I really pray we all make it past this trying time and continue spreading peace, positivity and kindness. We really are all we've got.

This isn't what we imagined 2020 to bring. We were a little easy on ourselves with our 2020 resolutions. We kept saying, "we've been through the worst, hoping for a better year and decade ahead".

Most certainly did not think we were challenging the universe by saying those lines.

Do everyone a favor and stay at home if you can. Only leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary. Listen to what the government officials are advising you to do.

Flatten the curve.

Stay at home.

Stay safe and healthy,

Sara Haseeb


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#Coronavirus #StaySafe #WeAreAllInThisTogether #TogetherWeCan #SpreadKindness

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