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Chapter 3 - Baba Haseeb

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

My hero, my role model, my inspiration to always do better in life.

Baba Haseeb is my angel and silent protector. Here goes a little but about Baba Haseeb before he became Baba Haseeb. Name: Asad Haseeb Date of Birth: 24 September - also don't know the year. Early 60's? Occupation: Baba Haseeb Asad was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a son of a principal and a very strong woman. His mother passed away when he was very young. He was raised by his elder sisters as his father was a working man for 10 children. They were 5 brothers and 5 sisters in total. My dad was the second eldest son, but overall, he comes at number 4. He was a bright kid and he has all the documents to prove it. Trust me, I have seen his report cards thousands of times. He's a different kind of humble than Mama Haseeb.  

His father was a principal in Delhi, India and then after the partition, he moved to Pakistan and taught/was the principal at Aligarh School and then retired and moved to Bahrain and continued being principal there. He has a picture framed of him receiving an appreciation gift from the principal which was his father. His father shortly passed away after that. But that picture is a really humbling memory that Asad has of his father. Because of his father being a principal, his grades were outstanding, except for in arts because he was all about brains and no leisure. His grades in mathematics and science were incredible. I write this solely from memory of seeing those report cards thousands of times.  He enrolled into a science college because his aim was to do something in that field, but in his second year of college, he walked into the accounting department and asked to change fields. His professors thought he was losing his mind but he said I'll manage. He sat with his friends in the garden in the middle of the night and would study for exams throughout college and further education. He got amazing grades in accounting and managed to pursue his further education without losing his mind.  Asad became a Chartered Accountant. Worked in his field for a couple of years but then moved to the textiles industry in Karachi and then Bahrain. He eventually started his own business in the UAE.  He used to follow the woman of his dreams (am I exaggerating, maybe a little but he married her so I might be allowed?). He used to follow her on the way back from work and spoke to her. Little did he know that little young Shahnaz is a strong independent woman that can talk back to men. He was told off with the statement that she threw at him stating 'if you want me, you better come to my house'. Romeo Asad went with his elder sister to her house very soon asking for her hand in marriage. Can we say Asad is not a man that will back down? Yes. 

So in summary, he's hardworking, changes his mind out of nowhere, Chartered Accountant, businessman, and a Romeo at heart. I love you Baba Haseeb. 

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