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Chapter 34 - Masks

2020 taught us the importance of masks,

But masks were around way before that too.

People wore several types,

The scary ones,

The loving ones,

The gruesome ones,

And the perfect ones.

Have we ever sat back and thought that we may only admire the face that is shown to us?

We admire the mask being shown.

It interests us as it tells us tales our ears are longing to hear.

It captures us in a way that we’ve never been captured before.

It gravitates towards us as it moulds into our idea of perfection.

It finds us at our lowest and disguises itself into what we ache for.

It befriends us as it makes promises to strengthen each other for eternity.

We find ourselves needing that mask in our life,

To be in the presence of it, to feel the comfort of it.

At the end of the day - we sit and wonder,

We remind ourselves that we’re drawn to a mask - not the person wearing it.

But just like the world, the mask changes too.

The mask doesn’t fit anymore.

It’s destroyed.

It’s distorted.

It’s leaving scars.

It’s taking on a different form.

It’s moulding itself back to its original form.

The mask is gone,

How do you mourn a mask.

How do you mourn something that is not there.

How do you mourn something that was never there.

Alas, It’s not the mask that brought us comfort.

Our comfort came from within.

We look for the strength to rebuild the self-comfort.

Without the mask, we seem to be left exposed in this crazy world.

Nothing to cover our fears, weaknesses, sorrows and grief.

As we make ourselves stronger and bid the mask goodbye,

We take a deep breath and gaze into the sky.


We all had dark thoughts during the lockdown,

Some of us decided to bake bread, learn tiktok dances and make coffee,

Others decided to dwell over the fact that wearing a mask has more than one meaning.

Stay safe,

Sara Haseeb


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