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Chapter 37 - Life Reboot

They say you never stop grieving

But does that mean you never stop weeping

How do you get yourself to move on and make new memories

When you’re heart is buried with the ones that were our remedies

I want to be happy, I want a life reboot

Get rid of all my worries, right from the roots


Sometimes I sit and reminisce the old days

I find myself lost in my thoughts, it’s such a tough maze

I wonder if there is a way that I can respectfully press delete

I don’t want all these memories playing on repeat

If only I could make everything peaceful with just one click

Reminiscing sometimes makes me feel sick

They say that grieving is a part of trauma

But why did it have to come with added drama

We’re told that we can take our time to process

But I don’t want to sit around and count my losses

If only there was a way

To make it all go away


Oh to be a person that can just reboot their lives

Standing in the middle of their future with the past in archives

Oh to be a person living in their own bubble

Not realizing they’ve turned their life into rubble

Oh to be a person filled with denial

Their actions can turn out to be quite juvenile

Oh to be a person that escaped it all

But still finds themselves punching a wall

Oh to be a person that got to the other side

Someone who’s a walking-talking rollercoaster ride

Oh to be a person with no more pain

A person that’s has nothing more to gain


You can’t run from it forever, life catches on

So cherish the memories and moment with your loved ones, before they’re gone


In the loving memory of all those I’ve lost,

God bless, I miss you all x


Sara Haseeb


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