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Chapter 41 - Poetry, idek

I think I can classify myself as an amateur writer, so here's me writing words and forming some types of sentences, enjoy!


She's a writer, they said

She got a lot going on in her head

Some days she's alright, but other days she finds it difficult to leave her warm bed

She tries to stay hidden

Nowhere to be found

But at this rate she may be bed-ridden

Won't even make a sound

She's a writer, they said

She writes with a heavy heart

There's so much to say

She doesn't know where to start

She's truly lost her way

She's hurting and wants to remain hidden somewhere

Can't seem to find the one to put a flower in her hair

She's a writer, they said

She barely identifies as one, but alas she accepts it

It's when she pours her heart out that her writing is a hit

She finds herself sulking for hours on some nights

At this point, she's just looking for basic human rights

She's strong and knowns she has the confidence she needs

So why is that she's always in situations where she pleads

She's had enough, she's been put down too many times

This is probably her easiest piece yet where every line just rhymes

She picks herself back up on weekdays

Embraces the 'eye-bags' being in fashion as the latest phase

For weekends, she will go back to being hollow,

& being fully aware of that throughout the week is a bitter pill to swallow

She's a writer, they said


Questions not to ask:

  1. Who hurt me

  2. Am I okay


Sara Haseeb


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