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Chapter 51 - Surviving in Chaos

Here's a random blog for you -

We live in a time where we're TOO well-informed. Our level of awareness is literally at our fingertips. We can just as easily talk to our friend across the globe as we can watch the world crumble in real-time. All thanks to the internet - a blessing and a curse. There's no suspense in life anymore, there's no moment of wondering how someone is doing, there's no ambiguity of what the future holds. Everything is online, we can Google just about any question and get an answer, we can stalk anyone to figure out where they are with their lives - we are way too aware, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

When was the last time you picked up your phone and saw a series of good things happening around the world. To be fair, when I pick up my phone, what I see are weddings, baby showers, engagements, birthdays and then on the flip side - I see shootings, bombers, illnesses, and death. In my opinion - they're both chaotic. Too much of anything is chaotic. However - there's no in between with the posts. It's either too happy or too sad. Where's the medium place? Where do we go to chill and relax?

Real answer is twitter - but for the sake of my blog we're gna pretend we don't all go to twitter to be in a safe space.

Anyhow - somehow, we're so conditioned to this way of life. We scroll through the gram and double tap the wedding photos, and then share the negativity on our stories along with a caption that shows how our hearts go out to the people affected. And then the days go by, we forget that happened and do the same for the next events that take place. How have we as humanity come to a point where humans DYING has us desensitized? How many deaths have we witnessed for it to be 'just news'? How are the big guys in charge of countries able to run these countries knowing that their people are bleeding on the streets, in the schools or at their homes? You know - I'm rambling right now but how are we meant to survive in chaos? Or should I rephrase that by saying how are we surviving amidst all this chaos?

Is it one of those situations where 'ignorance is bliss'? But is it really bliss or a curse?

Because personally, I find it very hard to ignore things - I don't know how people do it. I may pretend to ignore things and also pretend I have my life together, but deep down, my conscience doesn't allow me to ignore certain things, especially when it's to do with our future? The world is in shambles, how the hell am I supposed to ignore the fact that a potential world war 3 could break out at any time?

I guess there are certain things you can ignore (and probably should) - and those are things that hinder with your personal and mental growth. Those things should be avoided at all cost for our own peace of mind. Whether that's choosing to deactivate social media, or whether it's choosing to not watch the news, or even just not look at the "happy posts" people love sharing.

To be fair - I'm not really sure how to survive in this chaotic world. I don't know how to protect my peace when everything around us is falling apart. I once did a social media detox, which seemed fun to go through, but it made me realize I was just being ignorant - I was choosing to not know what's happening in people's lives unless they tell me about it, I was choosing to not learn about current world affairs unless someone told me about it. It seemed like a good break from the world but it's not something you can keep up. You can't constantly hide under a rock in hopes that no ones going to pick you up and toss you in the ocean.

So like - let me know when you figure out how to survive in this whack world, I could use the tips.



Sara Haseeb


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