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Chapter 9 - Dear 2019 (Millennials Perspective)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Dear 2019,

I promise to do better even though I have been giving my best. Life has been really difficult, and this is not just me being a millennial saying that life is tough and I am privileged and not being spoon-fed things anymore.

Seriously, life is really tough.

While I was in school, I would always have people that were in university, coming up to me and telling me that I am living the best life right now and should cherish my time at school. I always laughed and thought they don't understand what they are talking about.

While I was in university, I would always have people that were working, coming up to me and telling me that I am living the best life right now and should cherish my time at school. I still laughed and thought they are bonkers and don't understand how difficult university is.

Now I am working, and there is really not much to do after this.. Because you go to school and university, so that one day you get a good job. Back in school and university, they never told us that the end game was to get a good job. We just had a temporary end game which was graduation.

I have been working for about 2 years now, and it's not getting any easier to find that work-life balance. But I realized that I need to be more positive.

I keep saying that every problem has a solution, but I am also not willing to find a solution. Possibly because I am a generic millennial and want to be spoon-fed? But more so because there are so many problems, that there are only so many solutions that I can be looking for.

This is a weird read so far right? I feel weird typing it.

We have all bashed and abused 2018 for how shit it was and kept throwing the positivity of 2019 to be nicer to us. Maybe, just maybe we should be nicer to 2019 and see if that helps us?

I feel like we always set goals for ourselves but they're always so unrealistic. But I think we need to set some realistic goals for ourselves for 2019 otherwise we'll be in January 2020 and say 'ugh 2019 is finally over, worst year ever'. But honestly, I feel like I need to set myself goals, realistic ones, for 2019 because life has been a mess. And my life I mean 2018 and by mess I mean unproductive and dull AF.

I vow to actively be better this year. My goal this year is to achieve personal growth. I want to look back and see all the effort I have put into ensuring personal growth. Whether it is health, education, maintaining relationships or my job.

I have been giving everything my all, but as a relatively young person, are you really giving it your all? When you still have so much to learn? I may be giving my 100%, but I can still do better because I can learn more and then do better, right?

I have made a list and deadlines of things I want to achieve this year.

I will grow and hope for you that you will too.

I know it won't get easier, but I promise it will get better.

2019, we're coming for you.

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